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The all-in-one offer

Curves Complete Meal Plans offer the only diet program made specifically for the Curves Fitness program. We’ll teach you how to eat out or cook at home and provide recipes and shopping lists to make meal planning simple. You get plenty of proteins, good fats and healthy carbohydrates so you’re never giving up an entire food group. This combination helps ensure that muscle tissue is preserved and that the majority of weight loss* comes from fat. Plus, Curves Meal Bars and 100-calorie Snack Bars keep you on track.

On Curves Complete, you’ll meet one-on-one with your Curves Coach once a week. Along with her, you’ll review what went right for you the week before on the program and look for ways to improve in the coming week. She’ll help you stay on track and committed to reaching your goals.

Looking in the mirror or stepping on the scale are obvious ways to tell if you’re making progress toward your goals. But it’s often hard to know exactly what’s contributing to your success on a daily basis.

That’s why every Curves Complete member gets access to an advanced version of our tracking and management system, CurvesSmart. It not only helps optimize your workouts in the Circuit, it helps plan and perfect your nutrition, giving you an exceptional understanding of the way your daily actions affect your energy level, how you feel and your ability to lose weight.

Have you ever gone to a gym and felt a little lost? That won’t happen at Curves. Here, you’ll progress through a series of hydraulic-resistance machines that are designed to work every major muscle group in a simple-to-follow Circuit. Each machine automatically adjusts to your effort and tracks your progress with CurvesSmart®, so you don’t waste time having to change weight stacks or equipment settings and you always know the results you’re getting. It’s strength training, plus cardio, made simple. You get stronger, increase your metabolism and burn fat*. It’s a total body workout in just 30 minutes. Best of all, at Curves, there’s always a Coach there to help you get a safe, effective workout. You’re never alone. When paired with the Meal Plan through Curves Complete, you’ll love the results* you see.


The personalized platform to track and manage your workouts and nutrition.


Hungry for healthy meal ideas? No problem. We’ve got an entire library of Curves Complete-friendly recipes.

Grocery Lists

Generate shopping lists based on your customized Meal Plans.

Success & Measures

The best motivation is seeing yourself succeed. Keep up on your progress with feedback that shows your work is paying off.

Motivational Content

Get your daily dose of motivation with our library of content from articles on health and nutrition, cooking demonstrations and more.


Interact with a lively community of women with similar goals, struggles and successes. Curves Complete is a supportive sisterhood of women doing their best to be their best.